Coordination Council of Muslims in Germany condemns arson attack on mosque

Erol Pürlü, spokesman for the Coordination Council of Muslims in Germany (KRM), made in the aftermath  of the attack clear, that muslims in Germany are concerned about the increase of attacks on mosques and Muslims: "Recently, we are registering more and more attacks on mosques and Muslims. These includes threats, abusive letters, defamation, hate crimes and at last arson." "We observe that the attacks have increased in parallel with actual populist debates and excluding policies towards the Muslim minority", says Pürlü. Furthermore, Pürlü appealed to politicians and the press to adopt a more sensitive and responsible attitude towards the islamic communities, Muslims in particular and the Islam in general. Islam, Muslims and muslim communities should not be called  in one breathwith terrorism. There is a need for differentiation in statements and coverage, Pürlü remarked. Pürlü warned about putting islamic communities under general suspicion.