Yoldas: The ban on the IHH by Federal Minister of Interior is dishonorable and illegitimately

“In terms of the justification of the Minister of the Interior the UNO or the Red Cross have to be forbidden, too. The people of Gaza are punished by this action”, said Yoldas and continued “that the German government acts as the compliant enforcer of the Israeli government, whose terrorism pushed the Palestinians to the edge of existence.” It is the Israeli occupation and the state terrorism which puts the Palestinians in a horrible situation”, said Yoldas furthermore and added: “Obviously it is planned to ban all humanitarian aid for the Palestinians. It is macabre that Minister of the Interior punishes those who care for the orphans instead of criticizing those who orphans them.” He concluded by saying “that it is an unbelievable act of state arbitrariness to forbid a humanitarian aid foundation in Palestine and other 79 countries, which is working to aid the orphans, which is active in the development aid, emergency aid, and was active in Haiti and never questioned the Israel’s right to exist or support violence.” “Instead of being honored for its voluntary humanitarian work, the IHH is forbidden on the ground of political calculation. Due to this forbiddance Germany’s reputation is damaged in the world.” “We strongly belief that this action will not withstand any court challenges” said Yoldas.